Shira Nicks

Owner & Founder

Shira Nicks, founder of The High Flying Disk, is a certified Advanced I AM Yoga Nidra™ meditation practitioner and Well-being Coach to children, teens, and adults. Combining mindfulness-based methods with modern psychology, she guides her clients into the deepest brain wave states in which self-destructive habits and behavior patterns are effortlessly erased and reprogrammed. Using a series of breath, body, and awareness techniques, Shira assists her clients with the tools to self-soothe, make sound decisions, and optimize physical and mental well-being. 


A native of Arizona, Shira received her B.S. in Psychology from the Arizona State University and earned her Advanced Yoga Nidra certification through the renowned, Amrit Yoga Institute. She is Yoga and Buti™ certified with over 15 years combined experience in Counseling and Community Services. Merging her passion for connecting and inspiring others with the healing power of giving back, Shira founded the non-profit, angel mamas in 2008. Over the years, she has helped countless individuals and families cope with stress, illness, hardship, and profound loss. Using her experience, boundless energy, and soothing voice, Shira adds a dimension of fun and lightheartedness to the life-changing guidance that she offers through her group and private sessions.